React on time to third-party incidents

EagleStatus brings you status updates as soon as published.

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Real-time updates

EagleStatus monitors hundreds of services and notifies in your Slack channels whenever an incident is reported, updated or resolved. No more searching for what happened.

Create your custom alerts

Services such as Twilio have a massive network. You don't really care if countries or markets in which you don't operate are having incidents, right?
EagleStatus allows you to create custom filters so you only get notified of incidents that impact your business.

Only regions that concern you

Are you consuming services from AWS, but only from a specific region? No problem. EagleStatus lets you choose both service and region independently.

Set up in less than a minute

Step 1

Sign up for an account by clicking the Get started button.

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Step 2

Create a status feed and connect it to a channel with the Add to Slack button.

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Step 3

You're done! The Eagle will bring status updates to your Slack channel as soon as published.

Make status updates come to you

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We're building open source

StatusOps, the core of EagleStatus, is now open source (GPLv3). It's the engine in charge of collecting status updates periodically.
Contributions are more than welcome!

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